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Discuss Your Estate Concerns With An Experienced And Compassionate Lawyer
Law Offices of Ann T. Wilson | Seattle Estate And Trust Law
Discuss Your Estate Concerns With An Experienced And Compassionate Lawyer

In light of the recent concerns regarding the Covid-19 virus, protecting our clients and their legacies remains our most important focus. We are encouraging all current and future clients to meet with us via phone or video conference. Please contact our office to discuss your options.

Helping You Overcome Challenging Probate And Estate Matters

Why You Need An Estate Planning Attorney

Creating an estate plan is a significant emotional event which, understandably, causes a great deal of anxiety in clients. Dealing with essential life circumstances surrounding death, taxes, assets and family situations can be frustrating. At the Law Offices of Ann T. Wilson in Seattle, we understand that your estate plan is one of the most important documents you will ever create. Let us help you through this complicated process to address all of your concerns.

With over 25 years of experience on our side, attorney Ann T. Wilson is a seasoned advocate in your corner to address the complexities of estate planning in the Seattle area of Washington. Our clients value her high ethical standards and comprehensive knowledge to lead to exceptional results.

Costly Estate Planning Mistakes Made By Do-It-Yourselfers

Attempting to draft your estate plan without the benefit of a lawyer can have long-lasting and costly consequences, including:

  • Assets are not current: Many individuals fail to account for the full scope of assets they own. They also fail to plan for changes that occur over time.
  • Family changes: Families can change over time. You may gain new children through birth or adoption. You may get divorced and remarried. Unless you update your estate plan, assets may not go to the people you want to have them.
  • Use of erroneous forms: Individuals often download obsolete forms or documents, which containing provisions not applicable in the state of Washington.
  • Costly mistakes: Attempting to complete your own estate plan can lead to multiple common mistakes, which your beneficiaries will need to address after your death. Your loved ones may unnecessarily endure a prolonged and costly legal process.

Ultimately, your estate planning documents will not be valid in a court of law if they are created incorrectly. Please do not put your family through this struggle. Reach out to our firm today and allow us to walk you through the full process to protect your family.

Professional Legal Assistance To Draft A Comprehensive Estate Plan

With our firm by your side, we can draft a concrete and legally binding estate plan containing clear instructions to your beneficiaries. Help your family avoid the emotionally painful probate process. Put your mind at ease knowing that the plan you put in place to divide the assets you accumulated over a lifetime will comply with all applicable laws.

Schedule A Consultation To Obtain Comprehensive Legal Counsel

We are ready to take your call and set a date for an initial consultation to go over your options. Allow our firm to step you through an estate planning process that addresses your unique circumstances. Call us now at 206-701-6093 or complete a contact form on our site. You can also reach us through email.