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Discuss Your Estate Concerns With An Experienced And Compassionate Lawyer
Law Offices of Ann T. Wilson | Seattle Estate And Trust Law
Discuss Your Estate Concerns With An Experienced And Compassionate Lawyer

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Helping You Overcome Challenging Probate And Estate Matters

How Are Non-Probate Assets Divided?

Losing a loved one is an emotional process which can significantly shake the foundations of a family. Finding time to grieve and start the long healing process is vital. However, after the passing of a loved one, many families are forced to turn attention toward the complexities of estate administration and distribution. Having an attorney by your side through this process is crucial to give you the time and space to care for your family. Let our experienced firm address the full spectrum of estate administration for you, including probate and nonprobate assets.

What Constitutes A Non-Probate Asset?

The transfer of some assets does not require probate but instead can be distributed directly to beneficiaries. Some examples include:

  • Life insurance policies
  • Retirement accounts, including IRAs and 401(k)
  • Stocks and savings accounts which are designated as pay on death accounts
  • Property held in a trust.

Extensive Experience On Your Side To Resolve Asset Distribution Disputes

At the Law Offices of Ann T. Wilson in Seattle, Washington, our lawyer possesses over two decades of experience guiding clients through the intricacies of asset division disputes. When assets are not factored into an estate plan, problems can arise which can lead to a need for litigation. Some examples include:

  • A named beneficiary for an asset may now be deceased.
  • The designation of a beneficiary may not be current and could reflect a former spouse.
  • The birth of new children may not have been taken into account when designating a beneficiary.

Regardless of your circumstances, it is critical to seek experienced legal advice when confronted with this situation. Attorney Wilson understands the applicable laws for your unique conditions and how they apply to your case. Additionally, she is experienced in all facets of estate law and can leverage her 25 years of experience to assist clients with trusts, powers of attorney, arbitration of disputes and much more.

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You are not alone. Our firm is ready to stand by your side to walk you through each stage of the dispute resolution process and offer sound legal counsel. It is our goal to keep the process as smooth as possible so you can focus your time and energy into caring for your loved ones. Give us a call now at 206-701-6093 and set a date for a consultation. Please also feel free to reach our firm through email.