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Warning signs an estate administrator might be stealing

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2023 | Trust & Probate Administration

In the realm of estate administration, trust and integrity are paramount. An estate administrator, often appointed by a court or designated in a will, assumes the duty of managing the assets and affairs of a deceased person. They play a pivotal role in executing the wishes of the deceased, distributing assets, settling debts and helping ensure the proper administration of the estate.

Unfortunately, there are instances where those entrusted with managing estates may exploit their position for personal gain. Identifying warning signs early on can help protect your assets and ensure an estate is managed professionally. By being vigilant and proactive, you can safeguard your interests and maintain its integrity.

Lack of transparency and communication

One of the initial signs that something may be amiss is a lack of transparency from your estate administrator. They should provide regular updates on the progress of the estate administration, including financial statements and asset valuations. 

Remember, timely administration is crucial to help ensure the efficient settlement of an estate. Therefore, if your administrator consistently delays or offers vague excuses for progress, it could indicate fraudulent activities.

Discrepancies in financial records

Detailed financial records are essential for monitoring the administration of an estate. Keep a close eye on account statements, inventory reports and other financial documents. If you notice unexplained discrepancies, such as missing funds, unaccounted expenses or altered figures, it’s best to address these concerns promptly.

You should launch an investigation if the financial discrepancies are accompanied by sudden and unexplained changes in your administrator’s lifestyle. Suppose they start exhibiting extravagant spending habits, acquiring assets beyond their means or engaging in lavish vacations; it may be a sign that they are embezzling funds from the estate. 

Reluctance to involve professionals

Competent estate administrators understand the importance of seeking professional advice when needed. If your administrator consistently avoids involving legal professionals, accountants or other experts, it could indicate an attempt to conceal illicit activities. Genuine administrators value collaboration and help ensure that all necessary expertise is utilized to manage the estate effectively.

Entrusting an estate to an administrator is a significant responsibility. Therefore, you should try to ensure the person entrusted with this responsibility is dedicated to safeguarding the assets. By recognizing the warning signs discussed above, you can take appropriate action to help protect yourself from potential theft.