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Discuss Your Estate Concerns With An Experienced And Compassionate Lawyer

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Fast, cheap estate planning is not always better

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2019 | Estate Planning

Saving time and money is a noble goal. You may agree that it is good to choose the fast and frugal way as long as you do not sacrifice quality. In fact, you may recall times when you tried a cheaper, more convenient product and ended up paying even more when it didn’t meet your expectations.

If you are willing to go the cheaper route, you may have certain items for which you won’t settle. Some products simply do not have the same quality in a generic form. One example of this is estate planning. While you have many options for creating an estate plan fast and cheap online, you should be aware of the risk you may be taking.

What are the risks of online estate planning?

For one thing, you may not realize your estate plan is inadequate or does not conform to Washington laws. This may not become apparent until after you pass away and leave your loved ones to deal with the confusion. Part of the reason why online estate plans may not conform to state laws is because they are intentionally very general for the purpose of reaching people in many situations. However, this is also the reason why a do-it-yourself estate plan cannot meet the regulations of every state.

Another reason why an online estate plan may cause confusion or disputes among your heirs is that you will not have the guidance of a skilled attorney. Some websites offer advice in the form of an FAQ page, and others charge additional fees for limited access to a legal professional. However, you may not even know what questions to ask or what products are most appropriate for your situation.

A more complete option

Creating an estate plan is a deeply personal and sensitive matter. A complete estate plan may include a will, trusts, and a variety of documents related to the management of your finances, health care and end-of-life wishes. These delicate matters are not the kinds of things you want to entrust to an online document.

Your family situation is unique from any other family, and you certainly do not want to leave a legacy of confusion and frustration. A comprehensive and thoughtfully prepared estate plan is worth the time and money you will spend if it relieves your loved ones of a stressful probate and provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have taken steps to protect and provide for your family.